Referees & Officials- Survey

The NBBA are in the process of looking forward to the upcoming seasons and are keen to develop officiating within Norfolk. Without the engagement of referees and table officials, basketball games will be unable to take place at all levels.

Due to the pandemic, basketball games have not been taking place for over 18 months and the current number of officials and referees in the county are unknown. This survey will be used by the committee to identify the number of table officials and referees who are active. Additionally it will identify areas where we can support and improve refereeing and officiating as well as improve the game and competitions throughout the county. This survey is applicable for both active and inactive referees in the county, or those who are willing to travel to Norfolk.

Please answer all the questions honestly to give us the best understanding of where development and improvements need to occur. The more information we are able to obtain, the more focussed improvements can be to the game.

Please fill out the survey below. It will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete