The NBBA Committee are dedicated to improving and progressing basketball within Norfolk. They have a wealth of experience within the sport with individuals participating in leagues and competitions as players, coaches, referees and officials. Each committee member is voted into their position at the AGM meeting held in June.

Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the committee with any questions that you may have. 




  • Represents the NBBA Committee

  • Oversee the running of the whole committee- Ensuring there is full participation during meetings from all committee members.

  • Ensure relevant matters are discussed and actioned as appropriate in an orderly, efficient manner. 

  • Ensure each meeting is planned effectively.

  • Identifying and managing the agreed process for renewal of the Committee through the recruitment of new members. 

  • Ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place for the competitions and leagues governed by the NBBA.

Claire Harper



  • Support the NBBA Chair.

  • Chair NBBA meetings in the absence of the chair. 

  • Undertake any roles of the Chair as asked upon.

This position is currently vacant. If you are interested in undertaking the role of Vice Chair please contact


James Long

  • Ensure that effective financial systems and procedures have been established.

  • Oversee and present budgets, accounts and financial statements.

  • Ensure that record-keeping and accounts meet the requirements of the NBBA.

  • Ensure compliance with legislation and constitutional obligations. 

  • Advise on the organisations fundraising strategy,

  • Present a report on NBBAs financial position at each committee meeting. 
    Prepare end of year accounts for audit.

  • Manage the bank accounts and set up appropriate systems for book-keeping, payment, lodgements and petty cash.

  • Advise on the financial implications of future NBBA activities, 


Karen O'Hara

  • Ensures meetings are effectively organised and minuted. 

  • Liaise with the Chair to plan meetings.

  • Receive agenda items from committee members.

  • Circulating agendas, reports and approved minutes. 

  • Keep up to date contact details for the committee, clubs, referees and table officials across Norfolk. 

  • Upholding legal and constitutional requirements shared with the treasurer.

  • Responding to committee correspondence, filing appropriately.

  • Preparing a report of the NBBA activities for the Annual General Meeting.


Lisa Cumming

  • Ensure compliance across the county with the Basketball England licensing system.

  • Maintain a register of all members.

  • Be the point of contact for all clubs, players, coached, officials in relation to registrations with Basketball England. 

  • Liaise with the treasurer, secretary, technical secretary and cup secretary when necessary.  


Dean Rosembert

  • Be the first point of contact for officials and coaches for any queries. .  

  • Run training courses for coaches, referees, table officials and statisticians. 

  • Support and mentor new and developing coaches, referees and table offificals.


Charlotte Williams

  • Organise and run the NBBA Cup, Plate and Trophy Competitions.

  • To be point of contact for any entrants answering any questions and queries that may arise. 

  • Ensure the competition is held at a suitable venue and is managed effectively. 

  • Liaise with the treasurer and registrar to confirm the validity of entries. 

  • To deal with any incidents relating to the competition with the involvement of the NBBA committee.


Jo Wilkinson

  • To work with all involved in the NBBA and any associated leagues, competitions and clubs to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and vulnerable adults. 

  • To act as the first point of contact for any safeguarding matter.

  • To ensure all players, coaches, referees, table officials and other participants adhered to Basketball England safeguarding regulations. 

  • To liaise with University, College and School welfare services when necessary.

  • To manage a report all concerns regarding children and vulnerable adults.

  • Ensure procedures are in place to safeguard all within Norfolk Basketball.

  • To act as the point of contact for all coaches, players, parents, officials and referees where concerns about welfare, poor practice or abuse is identified.


Angie Durrant

  • To ensure all data is safe, secure and appropriately managed as per all laws. 

  • To ensure all NBBA data policies and kept up to date and relevant. 

  • To educate NBBA and its members on compliance, providing training if necessary.

  • To conduct regular security audits. 


Charlotte Williams

  • To ensure the NBBA objectives are followed publicly. 

  • To ensure the maintenance of the NBBA website and other social networking pages. 

  • To represent the NBBA at all events where possible.

  • To advertise all NBBA events, competitions and courses. 

  • To ensure exposure of teh NBBA including advertising at events.