EGM 9th September 2018

NBL Registration form

Norfolk Basketball League Registration form.

To enter a team into the Norfolk League it is required to fill out this form.

Norfolk League Rules

It is essential that all players, referees and coaches who participate in the Norfolk League read the Rules. This is the basis of the League, so it is important to understand every aspect of it. We encourage that everyone reads this so that they can understand their role as well as the etiquette required to participate.

Cup, Plate and Trophy Player Declaration Form

This form must be filled out to allow each player to play in a team for the Cup, Plate or Trophy. This needs to be filled out and sent across to Jordan Roberts, the Cup, Plate and Trophy Secretary. Players won't be able to play in this tournament without being on the Player Declaration Form.

Cup, Plate and Trophy Rules

Please ensure all players and coaches read the Rules for the Cup, Plate and Trophy Tournament before playing. It is essential that everyone understands their role within the tournament and understands how to act during games etc.

Cup, Plate and Trophy Entry Form

Norfoll Cup, Norfolk Plate & Iceni Trophy

This needs to be filled out in order for your team to be entered into the tournament.

Data Protection Policy

This Data Protection Policy has been uploaded as temporary document and will be updated officially before the new season in September 2018.

Disciplinary Procedures Report Form

In the case of a disciplinary action (Technical Foul, Disqualification or a Unsportsmanlike Foul) , the referees involved in the situation must fill out the Disciplinary Procedures Report Form. This is to ensure that all details of the situation are recorded with the best accuracy and can be dealt with quickly. When you have filled out the Disciplinary Procedures Report Form, for the Cup, you must send it to Jordan Roberts and for the League, you must send it to Barry Ford.

Social Media Policy (NBBA)

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