We have a great team of coaches and officials in Norfolk, equipped with the knowledge and skills to take basketball further in the region. All of our coaches, referees and table officials are qualified with Basketball England, giving them the information they need to be the best officials they can. We like to ensure that all of our coaches and officials stay up to date, with regular meetings, regular rule updates and by encouraging them to qualify in higher levels.

See here on the Basketball England website a brief summary of the newest rules for coaches, table officials and referees.

Without the coaches and officials, we wouldn't be able to run the games, so we would like to thank everyone who is involved. If you are interested in becoming a coach, referee or a table official, please check out our Get Qualified page with us or visit the Basketball England website. If you are looking to get qualified in a higher level, visit our Get Qualified page or the Basketball England website.

Adam Banham

Referee: Level 2

Table Official: Level 2

Andy Milbourne

Coach: Level 3

Referee: Level 3

Table offical: Level 3

Andy Thacker

Referee: Level 2

Barry Ford

Coach: Level 2

Referee: Level 2

Table Official: Level 2

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