Norfolk Cup Winners

Dainius Demikis carried the Attleborough Aces to victory in the Cup Final!

Attleborough Aces 67 - 62 Wildcat Lions

With two strong teams competing for the Cup, it was an immense game to watch for all the spectators.

The first quarter ended with a tie, at 15 points each, so it was all to play for! Attleborough gave the Wildcat Lions a challenging second quarter, after coming back with four 3's, pushing them ahead by 7 points.

By half time, Attleborough Aces had 37 points, while the Wildcat Lions had 30.

In the third quarter, the temperature rose! Wildcat Lions put all of their energy into their defense and attacks. Ethan Allen, came back with a 3-pointer, followed by Edgar Lomsargis with a deep 3 and then Ethan again! This pushed the Wildcats ahead by three points.

By the end of the third quarter, the game was close, with the Wildcat Lions on 50 and the Attleborough Aces on 51.

In the last quarter, Dainius Demikis from the Aces, alongside his team mates, Artur Kasperskij and Tomas Skurvydas, dominated the court. Between them, they scored 16 points, while the Wildcats scored 12.

In the end, the Attleborough Aces took home the Cup with a win of 67 points!

Leading Scorers Attleborough: D. Demikis (19) scored 23, A. Kasperskij (22) scored 13, T. Vitas scored 11

Leading Scorers Wildcat Lions: D. Shamov (5) scored 17, E. Allen (6) scored 12, E. Lomsargis (15) scored 11

Free throws Attleborough: 22/35

Free throws Wildcat Lions: 11/17

MVP: Dainius Demikis