We've got our finalists for the Trophy 2018!

We can announce that we have our finalists for the Iceni Trophy Final! We'd like to congratulate the King's Lynn Eagles and the UEA Panthers for getting to the finals.

With a forfeit from the King's Lynn Mavericks, the UEA Panthers have been pushed up into the finals and the King's Lynn Eagles have been strong throughout the Iceni Trophy; with no losses so far. The UEA Panthers are close behind them with three wins and only one loss.

The Final of the Iceni Trophy will be a game not to miss, with the two strongest teams competing against each other on the 13th May at the UEA Sportspark.

Make sure you head over to the UEA Sportspark from 12noon on the 13th May to watch the exciting games ahead! The day welcomes everyone, so please bring your family and friends along to support.

We look forward to seeing you all on Finals Day and good luck to the Eagles, Panthers, Aces and Wildcats!