NBBA Committee Positions to Fill at AGM

Every year the Norfolk Basket Ball Association meets for their Annual General Meeting. This year it is to be held at Easton College on Tuesday 13th June @ 19.30.

One of the key Agenda items each time is the Election of Officers.

For a variety of reasons the membership of the Executive Committee of the Association has dropped in recent seasons and there are a number of vacancies for next season.

We need an injection of young blood and fresh ideas.

Listed below are some of the current officers and a brief resume of their duties.

All elected officers are there to oversee the day to day running of the sport in Norfolk

Key elected members currently stand as:

Chair: Mitch Dodman

Being the Chair is a key role.

The Chair must ensure that the Executive Committee functions properly according to the Constitution, that there is full participation during meetings, all relevant matters are discussed and effective decisions are made and carried out.

The Chair is there to provide leadership and help formulate a vision for the Association.

The Chair should be able to represent the Association as a figurehead.

Vice-Chair: Robin Orton

The duties of the Vice Chair include assisting the Chair in carrying out important tasks, standing in place of the Chair when absent and acting as a go-between the Chair and others. The role Vice-Chair is an important job on because the skills and characteristics needed are very similar to those of the Chair.

Secretary: Nicole Cross

The role of the Secretary is to support the Chair in ensuring the smooth running of the Executive Committee.

Tasks include:-

  • Maintaining effective Records and Administration

  • Ensuring that meetings are effectively organised and recorded

  • Ensuring meetings are effectively minuted

  • Dealing with communication and correspondence

  • Circulating agendas, reports and approved minutes

  • Preparing a report on the year for the AGM

Treasurer / Registrar: Andy Milbourne – Stepping Down

The Treasurer has a ‘watchdog’ role over all aspects of financial management to safeguard the Association finances.

The Treasurer’s responsibilities include:-

  • General financial oversight

  • Financial planning and budgeting

  • Managing the Bank Account

  • Financial Reporting to the Committee and AGM

  • Record Keeping

The Treasurer usually doubles as Registrar and this involves ensuring that clubs and individuals are properly affiliated and registered using the Basketball England online registration system.

The system is currently under review with the possibility of changes being implemented for September 2017 but certainly no later than September 2018.

It is key that the Treasurer is someone who is methodical in their duties and can be regarded as having personal integrity.

Technical Secretary: Neil Baggott

The Technical Secretary is usually a person with knowledge of Coaching or Officiating and there could be a split between the two.

The Technical Secretary is the first point of call for the organisation of Technical Courses and maintaining a record of Awards within the area alongside the Registrar who has access to the BE Affiliation and Registration database.

  • The Technical Secretary will advise or lead on disciplinary matters in accordance with the Norfolk Disciplinary Policy.

  • The Technical Secretary may work with the Competitions Secretary in the appointment of match officials as required.

Competitions Secretary: Andy Milbourne – Stepping Down

The Competitions Secretary organises all aspects of the Norfolk Cup, Plate and Iceni Trophy Competitions. This means:-

  • Oversight of the Rules as agreed by the Committee

  • Organisation of Entry Forms

  • Organisation of the Draws and Scheduling in conjunction with the Norfolk League Secretary

  • Appointment of Officials

  • Organisation of the Venue for Finals Day

  • Dealing with Disciplinary and other Issues arising

Publicity Officer: Andy Milbourne – Stepping Down

The Publicity Officer is currently also the Website Manager.

  • The task of the Publicity Officer is to collate information with a view to promoting a positive image of the sport

  • Score sheets are currently sent to the Publicity Officer to aid this task

  • Their job is to ensure that the basketball community understand what is happening in the game within the County

Women’s Representative: Vacant after Sarah Broomfield stepped down

  • The Women’s Representative is appointed to take soundings from the Women’s Basketball community and ensure that their views are represented at Committee level.

Please consider taking up the challenge of being involved the the development of our great sport at a local level.

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